Energy from the Sun and the wind are perhaps two of the most affordable clean energy sources available in Kenya. While the cost of fresh installations is slightly above the normal electric power installation, the overall cost of powering your home or business using solar or wind is by far more convenient and cheaper than what KPLC offers.

At Mak1 Engineers we strive to provide the best and most cost effective solar and wind energy solutions that will meet your current energy demands with maximum utilization of available natural resources.

We provide custom services in areas such as solar system  installation and maintenance, Power backup systems, Wind generators systems and Solar hot water systems. Our clients includes NGOs, domestic consumers and private companies located in Kenya and neighboring countries. We have a dedicated team that is always willing to go beyond the scope of our services.

We offer a wide range of products in order to accommodate as many organizations and individuals as possible.

Why you should consider going solar

Solar energy will save your money

Kenya receives sufficient sunlight almost everyday of the year. This is a huge opportunity for any one residing in the country or any of the neighboring countries to utilize the free gift of nature. Although the initial cost of installation is quite high, the overall savings you will witness are totally justifiable.

Save the environment

Global warming has been on the raise in the recent years, especially due to population pressure and over use of fossil fuels to power engines and it’s use in domestic settings. However, when solar energy is used as an alternative, mother nature also benefits.

 Forget about the monthly bills

The cost of electricity is quite high in Kenya, and although the government has been working on modalities of reducing the per unit cost, the situation might not be favorable for a long time. Thus, it is important to make the important switch from main electric supply to solar energy.